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According to CIPD research, 90% of HR people surveyed said they had witnessed people coming to work when they really should have stayed at home because of illness. 
It has earned its own name – “Presenteeism”. But is it really a problem? 
Surely the point of a good absence management process is to make people think hard about taking time off sick, and to encourage them to come to work if they are able? To reduce overall absences. And if that means people come to work when they might have taken the day off, that’s all for the good…isn’t it? 
When does an employee’s absence from work turn from an inconvenience to a problem? For most small businesses every employee is key, and even a single day’s absence can cause significant issues. The recent case of the Indian public official who was finally dismissed after 24 years unauthorised absence reminds us that hoping an absence situation will resolve itself eventually could lead to a very long wait! 
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