Can remote working really work? 


Are you someone who has always believed that working from home could never work for your team? Have you been forced to introduce remote working because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic? 
Do you worry that you don't really know what your team are doing all day, or whether they're really being as productive as they could? 
Have you realised that the way you usually manage in the workplace isn't really working with people working from home? 
I get it. I know exactly what it's like to go from feeling confident and in control of your workplace-based team, to wondering how often you should call people at home before it feels like stalking, whether they started work on time or took too long for lunch, or whether anyone is actually working at all. 
I've helped many managers to adapt their approach and get great results from their remote working teams. Teams of all descriptions, in all kinds of roles, and at all levels of seniority.  
I can help you introduce a different way of managing your team so that you can always feel confident they are working productively, performing optimally, and communicating effectively with you and their colleagues - even though you can't see them. 
And I'll help you understand the signs that things aren't going well, and what to change to improve results. 
The great news is that if you can change your approach, you can transform your team's results.  
Let me show you how. 
You might even end up wondering why you didn't introduce remote working years ago! 

1:1 Coaching  

Let me help you understand the new challenges that remote working will bring to your team.  
1:1 coaching is a fantastic way to make progress really quickly, because we'll be laser-focused on putting the right approach in place for you and your business. 
We’ll look at the different personalities in your team and come up with a plan that makes sure everyone is engaged, motivated and performing to the best of their ability, so that you can feel confident your remote workers really are working. 
Delivered via Skype or Zoom 

Special Remote Working Packages 

Power Hour  
One hour Zoom call to sort out any niggling problems or concerns you're having with your team, and help to work up an action plan to take things forward. 
Are they really working?  
If you're looking for more hands-on support for the first three months of remote working, this package will help you to: 
Understand the mindset shift you need to make when your team moves from office to remote working.  
Adapt your routine so you do the right things every day, week and month to keep your remote team motivated and engaged. 
Learn how to measure and manage productivity in a remote team. 
Spot the first signs of problems, and know what to do next. 
Tackle challenging conversations. 
Three x 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom, plus catch up calls and support  
If you don’t have time to manage a team because you’re too busy doing the day job, 
then understand this. 
If you have a team, managing them IS your day job. 
Managing people shouldn't be a headache and it shouldn't be a hassle. 
The right management approach will transform your business. Ready to talk? 
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