Some people find their “for life” career after many false starts. Not me! I graduated from The University of Bradford in 1991 with an honours degree in Managerial Sciences, and I have coached, trained and supported managers ever since. I’m also a Chartered Member of the CIPD, which I qualified to join in 1996 when I successfully completed a post-graduate diploma in Personnel Management. 
Even my dissertation title was "Can Line Managers Manage?" So when I call myself a People Management and HR Expert, I have 30 years' experience to back up that claim. 
And of course, during my corporate life working in HR roles for BT Plc, AIG, Boots The Chemists and the Learning and Skills Council, I had managers too. Like teachers, you never forget the really good ones, or the really bad ones! The best ones were fair,consistent, and pushed me out of my comfort zone to achieve more than I thought was possible. But there were others who micro-managed, stifled my enthusiasm, held me back and made me miserable. 
Guess which ones got the best performance, and the best value for money from me? 
I’m passionate about improving the way we manage people in the UK. Before I became The Accidental Manager Coach, I spent 10 years delivering ILM qualifications to board directors, middle and junior managers, supervisors and aspiring managers across just about every industry. I truly believe that when managers understand how to create the right working environment, and really understand their own role, personal style, and the HR framework they are operating in, they can transform morale, productivity and performance across their organisations. 
So if your managers are ready to increase their own productivity, reduce the hassle of team management, and play their part in building a more profitable business, give me a call. 



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