About Marion 

Hi. I never intended to make a career in HR. I got my first job in Personnel 25 years ago (I know, I started young...I wish!) 
That first job was in the biggest company I have ever worked in - around 140,000 employees when I was there. 
My last employed job was at the smallest company I have ever worked in - there were 4 of us, including the owner. 
Along the way I worked for some truly inspiring managers in the private and public sectors. People who pushed me, stretched me, and gave me opportunities to develop that were way beyond my pay grade. And I have never forgotten how they made me feel, or how hard I wanted to work to live up to their expectations, and repay their confidence in me. 
Those great managers got great results from me. I've developed and delivered every HR policy imaginable, managed major restructuring and change programmes, introduced absence management schemes that reduced absence rates by over 40%, harmonised terms and conditions of employment for over 400 employees, trained hundreds of managers in dozens of organisations how to manage teams and get the best out of people, mediated for teams and individuals who just couldn't work their issues through by themselves, handled more grievances, disciplinary cases and redundancies than I care to remember, and have never lost an employment tribunal case. 
I've also worked with other managers who didn't get the best out of me. In fact, they had a negative effect on me, my confidence, and my productivity. I won't forget them either, but for very different reasons, and I don't remember achieving very much at all for them. 
I know the difference a great manager can make, and I want to share that with you, so that you can be the kind of boss that great employees never want to leave. It's not hard, it doesn't take a long time or a lot of effort. Just a clearly focused and structured approach, commitment and consistency. 
Management matters. More than you can ever believe. A good manager sees how to get the best out of each and every employee. They make everyone's life easier and better, so all their team can focus on doing their job, and making more money for the business. 
And that makes everyone happier. 
Chartered MCIPD 
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