HR with and after Covid - what will you do differently? 

Life, business, and the way we work may just have changed forever. 
Out of the ashes of the Coronavirus crisis, you have an opportunity that you have never had before, to rethink and reset the way your business operates.  
Lockdowns have shown that: 
We have the technology to enable real transformation in the way we work, and the potential to massively increase productivity if we harness it within our organisations. 
Employees are creative problem-solvers, more adaptable to change than we imagined, quicker to learn new skills than we believed, and more likely than we may have expected to do the right thing and make the right choices when business survival depended on it. 
Positive, flexible managers, HR processes and culture are central to engaging employees in change.  
We need to think hard about the way we treat the (often low-paid) staff who are central to delivery of key products and services. 
How does your business need to change? 
And how can you bring your employees with you through this change to their working lives? 
Contact me now to talk about how I can help you to:  
Embed new ways of working to improve productivity and customer experience 
Enhance management competences and capabilities 
Improve communication across teams 
Introduce leaner, more flexible working practices that suit business and employees better 
Harness the creativity of employees to drive our businesses forwards 
Recognise and reward those whose contribution is fundamental to business success. 
Or any other change that involves your employees 
Don't let this chance to reset your business go to waste.  
Let's talk HR strategy. 

The Basics - Employment Contracts, HR Policies and Staff Handbooks 

These may not be the most exciting part of managing people or running a business, but employment contracts and HR policies are the HR framework that help managers and employees understand the dos and don'ts of working for you. 
We can help if you: 
Have no HR contracts or policies at all, and no idea where to start. 
Have some HR paperwork, like contracts and policies, but you've had them a while and they don't seem to help your business at all. 
Want to become more efficient and more profitable by using HR procedures like Absence Management, Performance Management, Appraisal, or Discipline and Grievance. 
Your documents need to reflect your business – how you operate, what is important to you, and how you are different to other employers.  
All our contracts, policies and handbooks are individually tailored to accurately reflect your business and what matters to you, and they are all written in plain English so everyone can understand them. 

Resolving Employment Problems

Whether it's the same problems coming up again and again, or a new problem you have never encountered before, we can help with pragmatic, commercially sensible advice. 
Contact us for support with: 
Growing and restructuring your business 
Resolving team conflict 
Absence Management 
Disciplinary issues 
Performance Management 
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