Download - 13 time management tips for overwhelmed people managers 

Being a manager means work comes to find you from all different directions. 
If you're not carefull it can feel as if you are drowning under expectations from your team, your colleagues, your own manager, customers and suppliers. 
The key to being successful as a team manager is to understand what your priorities are, and make sure you give them the time they need. 
Download my time management guide, especially designed for people managers, to find out how you can get back control of your time. 

Podcast - Six Steps to Successful Delegation 

It's a manager's nightmare - you delegate a task to an employee and they make such a mess of it that you end up working through the night to put it right. 
It would have been quicker to do it yourself. 
If that's a scenario you recognise, you're probably missing out a critical step when it comes to delegation. Find out the system I use to coach Accidental Managers on how to delegate more effectively in this podcast recorded with Marie Ellis and David Wilkes of Next Steps for Business

Podcast - HR Matters 

Why does HR matter in business?  
How can HR help you run an even better business? 
What are some of the issues HR can help you resolve?  
And how do you tackle tricky issues like redundancy and bereavement in the workplace? 
Find out the answers to these questions, and a whole lot more, when I speak to Marie Ellis and David Wilkes of Next Steps for Business

NEW Podcast: Recruiting in a job hunter's market 

Are you struggling to recruit employees and wondering why, and what to do to attract the right people? 
Listen to my chat with David Wilkes on the Next Steps for Business podcast where I explain why things are so challenging right now, and how employers can adapt the way they recruit to find the people they need. 

NEW Podcast: So you want to write a book? 

In January 2021 I decided to write my first book, and Step Up: The Accidental Manager’s Guide to Leading a Team was published in November 2021. 
If I can do it, so can you! 
I’ve been chatting to David Wilkes about how and why I wrote my first book, and how you could do the same. 
So if you've always wanted to write a book, why not have a listen to some of the top tips I learned along the way? 
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