Your business success starts and ends with the way your employees are managed. 
HR is only ever as good as the managers who lead people. 
How managers behave, the priorities they focus on, and the values they demonstrate all send clear messages to their teams about what is important to your organisation. 
When a team isn’t functioning as it should, the problem usually sits with the manager. 
Most UK managers are accidental managers – they never planned to manage a team, and haven’t had any specialist training for the role. 
Brilliant at their day jobs, once promoted it’s as if their whole personality changes– 
they get stressed, they feel out of control, and they can be difficult to work with. Team members get frustrated. Performance is disappointing. People decide to leave.  
It doesn’t have to be like this. 
I’m the only specialist coach for accidental managers in the East Midlands. Work with me and I will make sure you and your managers have the three things they need to be successful: 
Skills and knowledge, so they can manage people, team performance, and themselves with calm, measured effectiveness, knowing the warning signs of looming problems, and how to respond. 
The right HR framework – the rules, policies and processes which reflect how you need your employees to work to deliver the right results for your particular business. 
The confidence to know that they – the accidental manager - are in control. That when they tackle a problem, they are doing the right things, at the right time, to get the right result for your business. 
I’d love to help. Click on the links to find out how you can work with me. 





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