Do people problems keep you awake at night? 

It's easily done. You're busy in your business and the staff who are supposed to help you often take up so much of your time that it can feel like you might as well be back doing the work yourself. 
And there's so much advice online, or from friends who have been there and done that, that you feel you might drown under mountains of information, but never really be quite sure you are doing the right things or staying legal. 
The thing is, HR doesn't have to be all long-winded legalese. 
HR doesn't need to involve long policies and endless pages of what you can and can't do. And it doesn't have to be scary! After all, it's really only about managing people. 

The best HR is light touch 

Adult to adult 
Easy to understand and easy to follow 
And most of it is done by talking to people, not by adding more policies 

The best HR is light touch 

Adult to adult. Flexible. Easy to understand and follow. And it is achieved through more proactive managers, and talking to people - not by adding more policies 
You can manage people this way and still protect your business - usually a lot better than a thick employee handbook that's so dull and uninspiring that no-one ever reads it or follows the procedures. 
If you're a small business, and your staff handbook has more than 10 policies in it, you are seriously over-complicating your life. 
If you don't have regular ways of keeping in touch with what your staff are doing, achieving or thinking, and speedy ways of resolving (rather than avoiding) workplace conflict, then you don't have control of your business. 
At Marion Parrish HR Consulting, we don't do complicated. And we don't do out of control. 
Just plain common sense. Short and sweet. No faffing. No HR gobbledegook. 
Sensible advice, a sounding board, the confidence and reassurance of knowing you have an HR expert guiding you through a problem and helping you put steps in place to solve it once and for all. 
Managers can manage, because we show them how to do it - confidently, legally, and without making a meal of it. 
What you need to know, and what you need to do, and why. 
That's it. 


Here is a flavour of what we can offer - you can find out more on our other pages, or visit our Blog for some thought-provoking ideas about getting the best from people at work. 

HR Services 

> Contracts and policies in plain English 
> HR Audits - what matters, and what doesn't? 
> Outsourced HR support - for when you want a professional HR Manager without the full time salary 
> Discipline and Grievance support 
> Absence and Performance management 
> Redundancy and restructuring 
> Chairing independent third party appeals 

Conflict Resolution 

> Mediation for individuals and teams 
> Resolving workplace conflict 
> Managing Change 
> Workplace stress audits and solutions 
> Team building 

Be a Better Manager 

> 1:1 mentoring for accidental managers 
> Training on all aspects of leadership and management can be arranged for groups of up to 8 managers. Some of the topics we cover include: 
> Motivating others 
> HR for Non-HR Managers 
> Developing effective teams 
> Equality and Diversity 
> Managing Change  
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