HR Strategy Development 

If you have a business plan or strategy, then you're going to need an HR plan to ensure you can deliver the kind of business you are striving to create.  
Half or full day strategy development sessions help you to identify the people you need, the skills they need to have, the culture you need to build, and a plan to help you get from where you are today to where you need to be. 

Ad Hoc HR Projects 

If a large project comes along and you just don't have the resources or the knowledge to be able to manage it yourself. If you need an extra pair of hands, or some extra know-how to help with business growth, acquisitions, restructuring or redundancy, we can help. 

Workplace Mediation 

Teams who aren't performing as well as they could. Conflict between indivduals. Difficulties getting others to see your point of view. 
Whatever the problem, if it is stopping people from working efficiently and effectively, it is a cost you could do without. 
Mediation can be a cost effective way of helping willing participants to resolve their differences and reach an agreement on ways of working together in the future. 

Workplace Stress and Conflict 

Sometimes you can be so absorbed in running a business that you don't see the signs that pressure is building and people are struggling to cope - with the work or with each other. Do you feel confident that you can spot the signs of stress in your employees? Would you know what to do or how to make a few simple changes that could reduce pressure, improve team working, and help employees cope better? 

Management Training 

As well as 1:1 training for accidental managers, we can also deliver group training on all areas of leadership and management. Our training is always bespoke, so it will be designed and delivered to meet your specfic business needs. 
So if what you need isn't "out there", get in touch and we can design it for you. 

Chairing Appeals 

An independent, third party appeal chair can help a small organisation demonstrate they have acted fairly and reasonably in a dismissal situation. So if you need support to hear an appeal, or would like someone impartial to hear it instead of you, please get in touch
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