Posts from June 2015

Several times in recent weeks line managers have told me that, in their experience, young people today lack the skills and attitudes necessary to join the workforce, with communication, teamwork and planning being top of the list of “missing” skills. Somehow, the “youth of today” seem less motivated to work, and less work ready, than previous generations. 
These conversations came back to me last week as our local secondary school celebrated the Year 11 Prom. 
You’ve stayed late at work to finish an important task in time for a major deadline. You’ve been working long hours all week to make sure the work is completed properly, alongside your “day job”. As the last action is completed, you feel the most amazing sense of relief and achievement. You’ve done it. Against all the odds, you have succeeded. 
You walk over to your manager’s desk to share the happy news. And your manager says...nothing. 
Do you have a parent or grandparent still alive? Or a partner or sibling? What will happen if one of your loved ones becomes too ill or frail to look after themselves? 
Until it happens, most of us would probably prefer not to think about it. But imagine for a moment that one day, your previously independent relative can’t get out of bed unaided, or walk to the bathroom alone, or prepare a meal. Perhaps they are unsteady on their feet, and at risk of a fall. Perhaps their condition, or the medication used to treat it, makes them confused and forgetful. They are likely to need transporting to medical appointments, and help with day-to-day tasks such as shopping, cleaning and paying their bills. 
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