Posts from May 2015

Do you remember how it felt the last time you started a new job in a new organisation? 
When I think of my “first days” working for new employers, my overriding memories are of how odd everything seemed. 
Of being bombarded with policies, paperwork and people. Overwhelmed with information, but little idea how it joined together or why it was relevant. Meetings. Way too many meetings, but often no idea why they were relevant or whether these people would ever be seen again. 
Recruitment is a two-way process. It’s not just about finding the right candidate, but also about persuading them that they should want to come and work for you. 
We are all motivated by different things. Most people would agree that salary and benefits should be competitive, but jobs are about more than just money. Here are five areas that will really matter to some recruits. Are you clear what you have to offer? 
For most small businesses, it’s a potential nightmare. You spend months trying to find the right person and then within a matter of weeks comes the dawning realisation that this appointment isn’t going to work. Somehow, the person who was most qualified for the job on paper, and who gave the most convincing interview, just doesn’t make the grade in the job itself. 
How can this happen? 
There is a simple answer. Most recruitment activity focuses too much time and energy on the wrong things. 
This is the second post in a series about recruitment, and the issues you need to consider before and during the recruitment process. Part one, in which we looked at whether you really need to recruit, can be found here. 
Now you have decided that employing a new member of staff is the best solution for your organisation, you need to think carefully about who you are looking for, and where you will find them. 
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