Posts from April 2015

Recruitment is time-consuming, expensive, and risky. Hours of selection activity may result in no suitable applicants, or worse, a recruit who doesn’t stay, or the nightmare of a toxic recruit who causes damage to your business before you can terminate their employment. The CIPD estimates the average cost of recruiting the wrong candidate at £8,200 for a non-manager. 
1. Having too many rules about how employees should behave. 
Particularly the rules that no-one can remember the reason for introducing, the rules that no-one enforces, and the rules that contradict other rules. It’s important to set out expected standards of behaviour, but these need to be reasonable, justifiable and not only accepted, but also rigorously enforced by every manager in the organisation. 
If I could suggest to you a few changes to the way your organisation operates which would 
a) cost you very little money - and may save you a fortune 
b) be likely to improve productivity and the quality of your products or service 
c) lead to employees using their initiative to solve more problems themselves, and 
d) reduce absence levels, and the chances (and expense) of your best employees leaving... 
Have you reviewed your HR policies recently? Are they working for your business and delivering the engaged and motivated employees your business needs? Are they still compliant with employment law? 
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