I’ve always been fascinated by managers. 
I reckon I’ve worked with at least a thousand over the years, at all levels in all types of organisations. Blue chips, the public sector, and dozens of small businesses. 
I’ve seen managers at the top of their game, inspiring and supporting their teams, and getting more from them than anyone imagined was possible. 
And I’ve seen the worst of managers too – the clockwatchers, the slave-drivers, the micro-managers and the plain and simple bullies. 
And do you know what the difference between a good and a poor manager is? 
It’s confidence. 
That’s all. 
Show me a struggling manager and I guarantee they lack confidence – maybe they don’t believe they have earned the position, they don’t really understand their role, or they don’t know the policies and tools available to help them get the best from their team. 
So they snap, or they freeze. They’re disorganised, slow to act, unpredictable, don't communicate the right things at the right time, take credit for other people’s work, throw their weight around or play the manager card. 
It’s not their fault. They’ve probably never been shown how to manage people. They're terrified they will say or do the wrong thing and cause more trouble for the business than they solve. 
I change that for managers. If you’d like to find out more, drop me a message 
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