I think one of the toughest management skills is working out where to draw the line. 
Sometimes it feels as if you are doing all the giving, and employees are doing rather more taking than you’d like. 
If you’ve got a few employees who are unwilling to return to work after furlough, when can you reasonably say enough is enough? 
My view is: 
If you’ve implemented ALL the measures recommended by the government. 
And everyone who can is working from home. 
And you’ve communicated regularly with furloughed employees about what you’ve done, and sent videos or photos of the new layout so they can see the changes. 
And asked them what else would make them feel safe, and implemented those measures too. 
And you’ve taken into account personal situations, making appropriate allowances for staff who are shielding, have sick family members, or who have no access to childcare, or can’t get to work because public transport has been cut, or are themselves sick or bereaved. 
And some employees still won’t return to work because they don’t “feel safe” or just don’t want to come back yet. 
THAT’s the line. 
And now it’s time for a straight conversation about their options.. 
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