How are company cultures created? 
Here's one way. 
There's an unsackable employee in most organisations. 
A strong personality to whom normal rules don’t seem to apply. Usually great at delivering results, but their methods leave a lot to be desired. 
The rest of the team ask why the rules don’t apply to Kevin, or why it’s OK for Kevin to achieve his targets in ways that don’t align with the company values. 
But they just get a shrug of the shoulders. 
“Ah, but Kevin gets results. We know he’s a character (complete nightmare) but you can’t have everything.” 
The truth is, managers are terrified that without Kevin, their business will fold. They can't say anything, because Kevin might get upset and walk out. 
So they ignore what Kevin’s behaviour is doing to the good name of their business and the goodwill of employees and customers. 
After a while, managers stop noticing how Kevin achieves his outcomes. As long as he gets results, Kevin can’t be corrected or disciplined, or dismissed. 
The rest of the team eventually get the message their manager is sending them, loud and clear. 
**Be more like Kevin** 
And that's how a culture is created. 
By managers, and the behaviours they reward or ignore. 
Do you agree? 
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