If I could suggest to you a few changes to the way your organisation operates which would 
a) cost you very little money - and may save you a fortune 
b) be likely to improve productivity and the quality of your products or service 
c) lead to employees using their initiative to solve more problems themselves, and 
d) reduce absence levels, and the chances (and expense) of your best employees leaving... 
Would you be interested? 
The Guardian recently analysed 9 different surveys to identify "the world’s happiest jobs”. The full article is here and it’s interesting to reflect on some of the features of jobs which appear on their list. 
At first glance, engineers, nurses, teachers, gardeners and PAs might not appear to have a lot in common. But from the interviews the Guardian carried out with people in these roles, there are some themes that emerge suggesting people are happier in jobs in which they: 
• Can help others – directly or indirectly 
• Understand why their contribution is important 
• Are clearly able to see the difference their efforts make 
• Can use their skills and knowledge to solve problems or make improvements 
• Are continually developing and learning new skills 
• Have some discretion over the way they go about their work 
• Know someone, somewhere, values their efforts. 
Those questioned generally seemed to place more value on these aspects than on their pay or physical work environment. 
With a little thought, a commitment to change, and some effort to refocus management behaviours and attention, there is no reason why the themes of the world’s happiest jobs couldn’t feature in all the jobs in your organisation. And if as a result employees used their skills more, solved more problems themselves, and focused all their efforts on delivering quality for their customers, then your productivity - and profit - can only benefit. 
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