Are you struggling to find suitably skilled staff to fill vacancies? Are you looking in the right places for your next recruit? We all know that recruitment costs – in time and money – so it makes sense to get it right first time so that you can choose from the best possible pool of applicants. 
As the UK population ages, the proportion of over-55s who want to engage in the workforce is increasing. And these workers may, according to a report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) be part of the answer to the UK’s skills gap. 
However, the over-55s are also likely to face outdated stereotypes when looking for work, in spite of research that consistently shows older workers tend to take less time off work sick, are more likely to be on time for work, and are more committed to their employers than their younger colleagues. It is worth remembering that they also bring with them a lifetime of experience and knowledge. 
REC suggests that older workers may need extra encouragement from potential employers to apply for roles, so its useful to remember some good practice tips for encouraging the widest pool of applications from all types of workers when placing recruitment adverts. Employers should consider: 
• Using inclusive language in adverts, and avoiding terms that might suggest certain groups of workers may not fit in. 
• Advertising vacancies in a range of places, not just on-line, to attract the widest audience. 
• Emphasising perks such as flexible working arrangements which may be attractive to potential recruits. 
• Demonstrating their willingness to upskill or reskill recruits of all ages. 
If you would like help reaching a wider pool of candidates, contact me for a discussion today. 
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